Volunteers are essential members of the Village! Your skills can help a family as they travel the road of parenthood. See some of our volunteer opportunities below, and please reach out if you have questions or other ways to help.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Home Visit Volunteers

Home Visit volunteers provide hands-on support to families with new babies in Hilltowns, reducing isolation and bringing the Village right to their door.

Volunteers visit the family every week for two hours, for up to 12 weeks during the first year of a baby’s (or babies’) life. Volunteers provide companionship, play with older children, prepare meals, wash dishes, and help in other ways that an extended family member or neighbor might. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to join us.

Home Visit Volunteer with baby and mom
Home Visit Volunteer with baby and mom
Home Visit Volunteer with baby and mom
Home Visit Volunteer with baby and kid
Home Visit Volunteer with Baby and kid
Home Visit Volunteer with baby
Home visit volunteer cooking with mom and baby

“We want to express our profound gratitude for all you have done for our family over the last two months. Your help was so important to us as first time parents.”

Village Closet Volunteers

The Village Closet donation and distribution center in Huntington, MA is full of free baby and children’s clothing, diapers, and essential supplies.

Village Closet volunteers sort donations, organize the space, work with families, and gather critical supplies for clients lacking transportation or in crisis.

“Such an amazing place and a resource for families of all kind.”

Donation Delivery Drivers

Sometimes Village Closet items need a little extra help getting from point A to point B.

Drivers support the Village Closet and Home Visit program by picking up donations and delivering critical supplies to families lacking transportation. Drivers choose what area they are willing to drive to, and sometimes they will meet up with other drivers to get items to their final destination.

“I’m not sure what I would have done if I did not find It Takes a Village. It was pretty much a life line for me.”

Outreach and Administrative Volunteers

We can’t support families if they don’t know about us! Help spread the word!

You tell us!

Do you have a special skill like web design, grant writing, or bookkeeping? You can use your skills to serve the mission of It Takes a Village!

Student Internships, Clinical Rotations, & Community Service Hours


Nursing, public health, development, and other student interns support outreach and our program operations. Past projects have included creating a domestic violence awareness campaign, researching the value of home visiting programs (and doing home visits), initiating a partner agency program to get critical supplies into the hands of at-risk families, and doing diaper, formula and backpack drives. Topics and projects are flexible and based on the students’ course of study or class curriculum.

High School

Students requiring community service hours, scouting projects, national honor societies, and community service clubs like Project 360 and Key Club have volunteered at the Village Closet and hosted diaper, formula, toy, and coat drives. Students 14 and under need a parent or guardian present while volunteering; students 15-17 need written permission from a parent or guardian.

Community Service Hours

Does your workplace offer time off for volunteering? Do you need to complete community service in exchange for receiving state benefits? Volunteering can work around your schedule.

Corporate Volunteers and Community Groups

We welcome business and church groups, as well as volunteer clubs like Kiwanis and Rotary. We can even set aside special volunteer days just for your organization!

Board of Directors and Advisory Counsel

As the governing body of It Takes a Village, the board of directors’ main purposes and functions are to:
  • Set the organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Establish and maintain a strategic plan for how the organization will continue to achieve its mission
  • Provide legal, fundraising, and fiduciary oversight to assure that resources are used to pursue the mission
group photo of board of directors

Advisory Counsel

Can’t quite commit to the full board? Advisory Counsel members can serve on a subcommittee and provide valuable insight to staff and board, without full voting responsibilities.